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Race Rules

PNW VMX race classes and rules are established as guidelines to maintain the spirit of the period class machines, we race.  Classes are based around the major technology evolution of the bikes, focusing on the technology advancement of motor, suspension, and brakes.  Other technology considerations on a class-by-class basis are addressed as required. 

Available classes and details can be found on the "Race Classes" page:

Skill Levels definition:    


If you have never raced before, a beginner rider/racer or the last time you raced bell-bottom jeans were in fashion, this is your class.  Remember you can always move up.


If you are racing today or have been pounding out the wins in the Novice class, this is your class.


You know who you are, if you are not sure, ask, or race in a one of the other two classes and the Race Coordinator will let you, if it is time to move up.


The practice order remains the same for every race day. Participation is only allowed in the appropriate skill level and class and with wristband, which will be checked by the starting gate personnel. Current practice class on the track will be clearly indicated by signs at the access point. Participating in the wrong practice class might result in disqualification for that race day.

Starting Gate

Access to the starting gate will be limited to a single point and controlled by the Starter. The Starter will ensure that all riders are in the correct race and lining up on the correct side for split gates.

When possible, we will be running split gates. When running intermediates and experts, intermediates on the left, experts on the right.


Timed Motos

All motos will be 8 minutes + 1 lap, which will result in approximately 10 minutes per race. We reserve the right to revise the time due to the length of a lap at larger tracks.

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