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​ Membership sign-ups are effective for one year JAN 2023 thru DEC 2023







Do I have to be a member to race with PNW-VMX?

Yes (Per the AGM, 11/12/2022 vote of the members, you MUST be a member to race with PNWVMX)


What does it cost to become a member of the PNW VMX club?

$40.00 to join the club for a calendar year.  

What are the benefits of being a member?

  • Members are an integral part of PNWVMX.  Members have one vote for the election of club Board of Directors. 

  • Members have one vote concerning the direction and course of the club, (i.e. proposed rules changes, fees, membership).

  • Only Members are allowed to be elected or appointed to the Board of PNW VMX.

  • Members who use the online sign up will receive a $10.00 Rocky Mountain ATV gift card via email, for each event they attend during the current calendar year.

  • Membership is required to compete in the season points standings for the “end of season” class trophies.  Trophies are awarded in each class for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. To be considered for a season trophy you must compete in 60% of the races and be a current year member.


How do I sign up for membership?

Trackside online signup is the only way to sign up and pay for a PNWVMX Membership.  Please use the following link:


There will be no discounts on race day fees for members due to the fact that you must be a member to race.

Race fees will remain at:


$35    1st Class

$20    2nd Class

$15    3rd Class


The decision to require membership for all PNW VMX races was voted on through proper channels with a motion, discussion and vote at the AGM, November 12, 2022.  There cannot be a revote or amendment unless it is brought by a motion at the next PNW VMX meeting.  Therefore, the Board of Directors have decided on the following addition:


There will be a $20 additional fee for all non-member weekend racers.  This fee will NOT be tracked or accumulated toward a PNW VMX membership.

For All Previous Member Numbers
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For All Current Member Numbers
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