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Mission Statement

   The Pacific Northwest Vintage Motocross Club (hereby known as PNWVMX) is dedicated to the safety, education, historical preservation, restoration, riding and racing of vintage motorcycles. The PNWVMX Club is primarily focused on but not limited to educating younger members about the history of our sport, increasing their riding skills, safety awareness, teaching maintenance skills and the importance of good sportsmanship. Our members come from the Pacific Northwest with diverse backgrounds and interests from touring, trail riding, motocross and observed trials. As long as you have an interest in motorcycles, especially vintage bikes, you are a welcome member in PNVMX. Many of our members are also members in the AMA, AHRMA and other like-minded organizations, membership of which is not a requirement of PNVMX but which we enjoy a close working relationship with.    


   We are a State of Washington non-profit corporation, which means that all funds generated by the club are returned to the club, it’s members, and designated non-profit charities. A panel of 5 elected officers governs the PNWVMX Club. We hold elections annually and have bi-monthly meetings, which are open to all. The PNWVMX Club does not discriminate against anyone based on their sex, age, race, religion or political affiliation. In addition to educational and competitive events we donate to and hold fund raising events for various non-profit charities such as the American Cancer Society, Wounded Warrior Program and the Rider Down Foundation. The club maintains a website and forum which permits any member to immediately communicate with all other members to seek advice, alert them to a common problem, and promote local events.

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