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About Us

We race for many reasons, primarily to preserve a period of racing that laid the foundation for what is on the showrooms today.  The PNW VMX club gives the primary responsibility of upholding the spirit of the club and our racing classes on the racer. 

Classes consist of Vintage through Evolution class bikes, focusing on the technology of air-cooled motors, no rear linkage suspension and drum brakes. Recently we have added the Revolution class bikes with linkage suspension, water cooled motors and disc brakes..  The target period is 1996 and earlier and with designs to reflect the technology of the various periods.   Classes are broken down into displacement, skill and age categories.

PNW VMX Club is organized as a non-profit organization, which means all membership fees & profits either go back into the Club for safety equipment and/or expenses to organize club activities or are donated to designated non-profit charities such as the Rider Down Fund, Race for the Cure, and Toys for Tots. 

Our focus is to provide venues where riders can enjoy our sport in a safe environment, as well as grow and maintain interest in dirt bikes built in or prior to 1996.

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