Race Info

Pre-Defined Race Order

A predefined race order will be posted giving every rider with one bike the opportunity for two classes or four races per day.  This set structure will keep the number of races around 17 and therefore, race day should be done by 5 PM.  The order will remain the same all season, but the race numbers of the combined classes will be rotated each race, so the same classes are not always racing at the end of the day.  When possible, we will be running split gates.  When running intermediates and experts, intermediates on the left, experts on the right.


Timed Motos

All motos will be 8 minutes + 1 lap, which will result in approximately 10 minutes per race.  We reserve the right to revise the time due to the length of a lap at larger tracks.


Access to the starting gate will be limited to a single point and controlled by the Starter.  The Starter will ensure that all riders are in the correct race and lining up on the correct side for split gates.

Race Fees


Member Race Fee                 Non-Member Race Fee

1st race, $30                            1st race, $40
2nd race, $25                           2nd race, $25
3+ race, $15                             3+ race, $15