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'About Us'

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     (1)     This club was formed by racers for the racing community.


     (2)     We are a certified IRS 501- c3 Non-Profit organization.


     (3)     Every last dollar of funds we collect through events and sponsors goes BACK into the Club, funding Club activities or        

designated charities.  Each race has a different mix of costs the club is responsible for such as flaggers, medics, event insurance, track ‘rental’, scorekeeping and other costs.  The club is always looking at ways to reduce those event costs while increasing the safety, quality and variety of events.


     (4)      All of the staff are volunteers - they do not get a monthly salary.  No paid vacations for the staff, no fully funded trips to cool race tracks we always wished we could visit or race at on the club’s dime.  Our staff and event volunteers do this ‘cause like you, they love Vintage MX.


     (5)     We are a federally registered non-profit organization, organized by racers and for the racers.  Additionally, when we can we support various and responsible charities and causes.


     (6)     One of the primary reasons the club was formed was to ensure very safe and organized races.  Our first year, 2012, demonstrated that dedication and focus.  Also as an organized club it has shown the flexibility to insure better safety for racers and spectators, different venues, greatly increased access to more tracks, expanded racing opportunities and the ability to reach out and coordinate joint events with other groups.  


     (7)     Another key element of our organization is  we shall not discriminate against any individuals based on their age, sex, race or religion


     (8) At the end of the day we want to continue to grow the club and one that is built by our racers and for our racers.  Doing so helps preserve the history of Vintage MX; to educate new and young riders to carry on this great sport; Integrate our amateur competition activities at the National level; continue to evolve and grow VMX to its full potential here in the Northwest.

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